What to call these emails?

Walking until my feet hurt and freelancing adventures

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re safely settled into lockdown, or out saving the world one person at a time - or perhaps a combination of both. After the last minute lockdown announcement, I moved a trip I had planned for later into the first few days of November. Basically, I was going to do the Dartmoor Way but ended up trying to squeeze all 108 miles into a 3 day round.

Yeah, my feet didn’t thank me for it! I got almost 80 miles in before I had to admit I was waddling not walking and call it a day 😂. Still, I’m pleased to know that I’ve still got 35 mile days in me, with a big bag and a tent on my back.

Normally, this time of year, I would be going camping every other weekend and I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. So I had to sneak in a trip before I couldn’t go any more. And on the plus side, I’m now so knackered that I don’t mind the prospect of a month mostly in the same place.

And this lockdown will be different, because this time I have a SOFA. (For those new here, I moved house just before lockdown mark 1 and spent 90+ days without furniture. Joys.)

So here’s to cosy winter evenings and sofas and hot chocolate.

Things going on

  • I’ve been doing a bit of blogging. Hopefully getting back into the rhythm of twice weekly now I’m not a staff writer for anyone else. Since our last chat I’ve written:
    - A Book Review (Climbing the 7 Volcanoes)
    - A quicky on the Dartmoor 600s Challenge
    - And a list of camping kit I actually use and why
    The last one’s inspired by the base assumption nowadays that everyone’s been asked to recommend something. If you’re wondering what I’d take if no one was watching, now you can know!

  • I’m trying to get into video. I decided in August to try a monthly vlog, which I eventually published in September. I’m already late on the September vlog, due last month. But it’s fun to do, so I’ll let you know when I finally hit publish! I haven’t done it yet because…

  • I’m pretty busy on my first big freelance project (yippee!) which brings us nicely on to…

I’m going freelance

😱 Yes, it’s a pretty scary prospect. I’ve got pretty used to the security of a salary. And I think the last time we spoke, I was still reeling from the whole redundancy thing. But sometimes, you have to look at things as a gift: if I hadn’t been made redundant, would I have ever taken this leap? I’m not sure.

So I’m going to give this thing a go - not least because every job I’ve been interviewed for so far want me to move up north to work in their office… I mean I love these companies, but come on guys, it’s 2020!

All this to say that: if you are looking for someone who does words (be it articles or copywriting) or SEO (my “proper” job for the past 4 years) you know where I live! We’re all in a bit of a position this year, so I’m very open to unusual proposals - or things that don’t quite fit into any of that.


I went to give my work laptop back (to a colleague’s aunt who lives coincidentally nearby). When she realised I’d been made redundant, she suggested I could try retraining. I couldn’t help but laugh. Retraining implies I was headed in a fixed direction in the first place. I’ve got a Maths degree. I’ve worked in sales, digital marketing, SEO, writing - and been a librarian, editor, summer school leader, crossword setter… I mean what does all that add up to?!

I guess I’m adventurous in my career choices too!

Anyway… so yes. If you come across anyone who I might be able to help out, please get in touch. Equally, don’t think I’m too fixed in the adventure niche. Sure, I have a lot of experience there, but I’ve worked in finance and know my way round a sales funnel too!

(I’m listening to LotR music right now and going freelance rather feels like setting off on a quest. ⚔️ We’ll see how it goes!)


In the nick of time too. I will post the details of how I did it all very soon. It’s actually very straight forward if you have a cupboard under the stairs.

Um, yes, I think that’s it for now. I feel like I should end on something profound, but I’m afraid I simply don’t have anything right now.

But either way, it’s been nice to chat. Have a lovely evening,