Long time no speak

Welcome to 2021, we hope you enjoy your stay...

Hi everyone,

It’s another rainy Sunday afternoon in a week of wet Sunday afternoons. At least I know what day it is today. I’ve been meaning to write for ages. I meant to write in December to wish you a good end to 2020. I mean to write in the new year. And now it’s the end of January, in a month that has gone both really quickly and really slowly at the same time.

Freelance life is treating me well and I’m happily booked up until mid-March, possibly end of March. Although, the year is still throwing me plenty of curved balls and things I thought were secure suddenly aren’t. But I feel like we’re all experiencing that at the moment - having the ground taken out from under our feet again and again. I guess that’s what uncertainty is 🤷‍♀️

In a couple of months it’ll be a year since I first went on furlough. I’m not sure how I feel about that. For now I’m treating that date as Coronavirus New Year, since this calendar New Year really doesn’t seem to be any different. Although I had a lovely start to 2021 with snow and fireworks. But this whole year is starting to make me feel like I’m at the end of a long expedition - and the parallels are surprisingly striking.

Things Going on

  • I’m freelancing. It’s great. I’m working on route checking for a Dartmoor guidebook this month, which has been getting me out the house. The weather could certainly have been more compliant though… Still, there have been days when I’ve been alone in the middle of the moors pinching myself that this is genuinely my office.

  • I’ve also been writing some articles for MPora and the Independent. It’s fun writing for several publications with different tones of voice. I guess it’s rather like acting (although I’ve never done any): trying out different ways of approaching the topic and your delivery.

  • MPora interviewed me about my record here.

  • Also there are some blogs up you might not have seen, including a 2020 highlights review and a 2021 looking forward. Half of the plans in that article are already in tatters, but hey ho that’s the world we live in. I intend to keep planning in case something sticks!

  • I said I’d commit to the audio side of the blog. I will and am, but I’m not quite at the stage where I can promise every new post will have an audio version. Mondays and Thursdays seem to come around really quickly.

Beta Students Wanted

Are you planning a big adventure? Or trying to? I have given up waiting for the opportune moment to release this into the world.

Last year I turned my adventure planning workshop into an online course. It’s designed to take you from “I just want to go on an adventure” right the way up to setting off on the adventure you’ve chosen. Of course, you can jump in part-way if you’ve already got a specific trip in mind.

It’s an action by action course that takes you through the complete blueprint to making an adventure happen. Plus all the video lessons and resources you need.

Since I have no testimonials for this new online version, I’m looking for some beta students to try it out. You’ll get lifetime access and all updates for 75% off, plus essentially personal coaching from me while we get the course off the ground. If you’re interested, or have any questions, do drop me a line.

Books and Tors!

Thanks to everyone who has bought or read my All the Tors book. There are well over 300 copies out there in the world now, which is a lovely sort of mad. I’ve bumped into a few people out on the moors who’ve recognised me from it (or rather the film) and have done a double take. Do say hi if you’d like to - I’ll no doubt be dressed exactly like in the film because I don’t own enough kit to be different!

I am writing another book at the moment, but I have to warn you it’s middle-grade fantasy. I’ve got a soft spot in that department. But there are a few ideas for adult adventure books brewing too.

Looking Forward…

  • To being able to climb pointy mountains and rocky ridgelines

  • To be able to sleep in a tent again (withdrawal symptoms already)

  • To being able to go down the pub with friends

Okay, I’ll be serious then…

  • I’m hoping to get back in the flow of most Mondays and Thursdays for blogs.

  • I might be giving a online talk at the end of February. Will let you know if I am!

  • There might be a film project I might be getting involved in, but that’s secret so I’ll only tell you more when it’s allowed

  • Dartmoor Way story and my first ever bivvy night hopefully coming soon on the blog too :)

And yeah, I guess that’s it really. It honestly feels like not much is happening here. Although I still somehow feel busy. Need to sort that out, girl! I haven’t spent so long in one place probably since secondary school.

I’m going hard on swashbuckling adventure movies, wild expedition plans and audiobooks to compensate. Oh and I’m seriously considering an Archaeology MA. (It’s been 5 years since I left uni and I’ve clearly forgotten how much I hated it. Send help! 🙃)

Hope you’re all doing well and speak soon,